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Maîtres de la Art Chinois dans l'histoire

Xi ting lun dao
Œuvre les plus récentes Xi ting lun dao

    Fu Baoshi   China

    Fu Baoshi (1904-1965; Chinese name 傅抱石), previously named Changsheng, or Ruilin, was also called the master of Baoshi room. He was born in the city of ......Fu Baoshi

Lions on snow
Œuvre les plus récentes Lions on snow

    Xu Beihong   China

    Xu Beihong (1895-1953; Chinese name 徐悲鸿), born in Qiting Town, the city of Yixing, Jiangsu province, was a contemporary Chinese painter of the Han nat ......Xu Beihong

Chinse bamboo 11
Œuvre les plus récentes Chinse bamboo 11

    Zheng Xie   China

    Zheng Xie (1693-1765; Chinese name 郑燮 or known as 郑板桥) was a painter and man of letters in the Qing Dynasty whose style name was Kerou and pseudonym w ......Zheng Xie

Qingming Riverside Seene part 4
Œuvre les plus récentes Qingming Riverside Seene part 4

    Zhang Zeduan   China

    Zhang Zeduan (1085-1145; Chinese name 张择端), born in Langya Dongwu (now the city of Zhucheng, Shandong province), was a painter in the Northern Song Dy ......Zhang Zeduan

Red plum blossom 2
Œuvre les plus récentes Red plum blossom 2

    Wu Changshuo   China

    Wu Changshuo (1844.8.1-1927.11.29; Chinese name 吴昌硕) was born in the city of Huzhou, Zhejiang province. He was a master who was good at poetry creatio ......Wu Changshuo

Tang yin in mountain
Œuvre les plus récentes Tang yin in mountain

    Tang Yin   China

    Tang Yin (1470-1523; Chinese name 唐寅 or known as 唐伯虎), style name Bohu, was a famous painter and poet in the Ming Dynasty who was born in Wu County, S ......Tang Yin

Women preparing silk after zhang xuan 1100
Œuvre les plus récentes Women preparing silk after zhang xuan 1100

    Zhao Ji   China

    Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty Zhao Ji (1082.5.5-1135.6.5; Chinese name 赵佶) was the 8th emperor of Song Dynasty, the 11th son of emperor Shenzong of ......Zhao Ji

The hermitage at the foot of the mountains 169
Œuvre les plus récentes The hermitage at the foot of the mountains 169

    Shi Tao   China

    Shi Tao (1642-1707?; Chinese name 石涛), religious name Yuanji, was a painter in Qing Dynasty. His family name was Zhu and first name was Ruoji. His sty ......Shi Tao

Œuvre les plus récentes Landscape